Barkway is a long-established village and together with Newsells village is a  civil parish in North Hertfordshire. It’s situated about five miles south-east of Royston, 15 miles south of Cambridge and 35 miles from London. The Prime Meridian passes a mile or so to the west of Barkway.

Reputedly listed in the Doomesday Book as “Birchwig” Birch Way. Barkway has a number of 15th and 16th Century properties, some with beautifully thatched roofs. Most properties are on or near the High Street, which is part of the old London to Cambridge coaching route. Barkway has had a village church for over 1000 years. The current flint and stone church, which is over 800 years old, has a full peal of 8 bells which are rung every week. The village has a junior school, The Tally Ho Pub, a recreation ground with children’s play area and football pitches, a golf course, petrol station and a number of active social organisations.

According to the 2001 census Barkway had a population of 656. Two major estates are adjacent to the north of the village: “Cokenach” – which has a long-established cricket club and “Newsells” which is now an impressive Stud Farm.

Barkway is a village with a history, but it is not without a future. Even to this day, its market history is brought to life each year, with the famous Barkway Street Market. For one day a year, visitors flood to the village, as we celebrate our history, sense of community spirit and look to the future.

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Barkway Parish Council publishes a Welcome Pack containing useful information about Barkway and the surrounding area and this is made available to all new residents of the village. You can view or download a copy here